6 ways recycled concrete products are used in projects

Moreton Bay Recycling delivers recycled concrete products to use on construction site

Curious about how recycled concrete products could be used in your building and construction projects, whether around your home or in your trade business? 

You can do so much with reclaimed concrete aggregates. In fact, you can do pretty much all the same things you could do with fresh quarry products (like gravel), but save money (and the environment).

All you need to get started is some inspiration and the confidence that it’ll get the job done. So let’s dive into 6 of the most popular ways to use recycled concrete…

1: Base


Drop the beat… BOOM BOOM BOOM…

Oh wait…not that kind of base.

We mean road and pavement base! Crushed recycled concrete is perfect for laying down under road constructions, driveways, and pathways. It compacts nicely, providing a firm foundation and barrier between the ground and top layers. A popular base material is our high quality CBR80 product.

2: Paths and driveways

Recycled concrete isn’t just suited for laying a base – it’s also good enough to use on its own.

You can use recycled concrete aggregates to create paths and driveways that are easy to walk/drive on, while offering better drainage and cost-effectiveness than most other materials. 

Clean concrete that’s been broken up into uniform pieces creates a porous surface that’s stable enough for traffic, while allowing rainwater to permeate the ground underneath, minimising runoff. This is a double-win for the environment, reducing rainwater loss and using a recycled product.

3: Under slab

Before you lay down a concrete slab or foundation, it’s good practice to smooth out and compact the ground first. Recycled concrete (particularly crusher dust) is perfect for this.

You can also use it to create a firm and level pad to support water tanks, containers, or even a temporary site office.

4: Drainage

Moreton Bay Recycling uses recycled concrete aggregates to cover drainage areas

When it rains, where does the water go? With the right landscaping, hopefully into your trenches and drains, then away from your buildings and pathways. But exposed drains aren’t exactly pretty, and might even cause a safety hazard in some homes and workplaces. 

A great solution is to cover your drains and surrounding areas with recycled concrete drainage aggregate. These are the perfect shape and size to let water through, but keep debris out of your drains.

5: Decoration and mulch

Garden bed uses recycled concrete aggregate for mulch and decoration

Recycled concrete aggregates can be kind of pretty, don’t you think? They’re a hard-wearing, long-lasting option for garden mulch and look great in rock gardens, surrounding hardy plants that like dry conditions. 

Of course, you should only use the best quality recycled concrete aggregates for highly visible, decorative work (and really, any kind of construction work). So always ensure you work with a reputable supplier that uses clean, high quality concrete and a powerful concrete reclaimer that sorts products into uniform sizes.

6: Retaining walls and raised garden beds

When you build a retaining wall, you’ll first need to install the rock, brick, or concrete structure so that it’s not in contact with the soil behind it. Then once the wall is up, you’ll need to backfill the gap between the retaining wall and soil. Recycled concrete aggregates are the perfect material for backfill as they provide good drainage and ensure the wall and soil doesn’t collapse.

You can get similar benefits from using recycled concrete products in your raised garden beds. After constructing the walls of your garden bed, use recycled concrete in the base to provide drainage, before adding your topsoil and plants.

You might’ve also noticed the recent trend towards using wire wall cages and baskets in landscaping. These are filled with functional and/or decorative rocks (larger concrete aggregates are perfect for these) and used as retaining walls, fences, or screens.

Try recycled concrete products for your next project

Recycled concrete is a versatile and affordable building material. If you haven’t already tried working with recycled aggregates, maybe it’s time you gave them a go?

We’re a Brisbane concrete recycling company, so if you’re near us, come and check us out! We’re based north of Brisbane at Narangba, just off the Bruce Highway. We’ll be happy to show you around and recommend the right recycled concrete products for your project. And if you have any old demolition concrete, you can leave it with us at the same time (for free). 

Hope to see you onsite soon!

– Hilary Dold, General Manager

P.S. Already used our recycled concrete products to create something? If you’re quick, you can still enter our contest over on Facebook and share about your project to WIN 4 x Bathurst tickets + more (drawn 18/09/2019).

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