Looking for Concrete Recycling in Brisbane?

An image from Google Earth showing Moreton Bay Recycling’s location in outer North Brisbane.
Looking for concrete recycling near you? When it comes to recycling and the circular economy… distance matters. 

It matters because the further you have to travel, the more time it takes, the more it costs, and the greater the impact on our environment. 

So we wanted to focus on this issue of location — to help our customers consider where they’re purchasing their recycled concrete products from and sending their waste materials to.

But first, just in case you haven’t been to our facility yet… let’s take a look at our location!

Where is Moreton Bay Recycling?A photo of Moreton Bay Recycling’s Narangba facility.

Moreton Bay Recycling is based in Narangba, just off the Bruce Highway. We’re 50 minutes’ drive north from Brisbane’s city centre and about 50 minutes’ drive south from the Sunshine Coast.

So, if you’re looking for concrete recycling near you — and you’re in or around the Brisbane area — that’s us!

What Areas Does Moreton Bay Recycling Deliver To?Animation of Google Earth zooming out from Moreton Bay Recycling in Narangba, to show the whole Brisbane region, with place markers showing delivery locations.This map shows a sample of locations Moreton Bay Recycling delivers to, based on February 2023. We get around a lot, but most of our projects are in the Moreton Bay Region. Just check out these examples of projects that use our products.

Of course, this map does not show our sources of concrete waste that get dropped off or product that customers picked up from our yard themselves. But most of these also come from or end up at locations near to our facility.

Why Recycle Concrete Waste Near You?nfographic showing reasons to recycle concrete waste near you.

It’s always better to find a recycling facility as close to your worksite as possible. Here’s why:

Save Time & Wages Costs

Recycled product itself is cheaper than quarry alternatives, and dumping clean waste at a facility like ours is also cheaper than council depots (see our cost comparison here). But you might be surprised at how choosing a local provider can impact business costs.

The shorter your trip, the less time it’ll take out of your day — and (if you have staff), this translates to actual dollar savings. 

For a Grade 5 Transport Worker (Road Transport and Distribution Award [MA000038]) aged 21 years or over, the minimum casual rate is $30.15 per hour. So, if you were to recycle concrete at a facility just 15 minutes away from the job site, compared to 45 minutes away, you’d save an hour (or around $30 of staff wages) once you take into account the return journey.

Another way to look at this is that it frees up an hour of your time (or your team member’s time) for other tasks.

Reduce Fuel & Vehicle Usage

With significant increases in fuel costs over the last year or so, coinciding with skyrocketing costs for new and used vehicles (though this is starting to stabilise), minimising your vehicle usage can also deliver cost savings.

Let’s say you have a tipper truck that does 20L per 100 km, and fuel is $2.00/L. Each km you drive costs you 40c in fuel. If you were to transport concrete waste or pick up recycled product from a facility located 20 km away, you’d use $16 worth of fuel to get there and back, compared to $40 in fuel costs for a facility located 50 km away.

This might not seem like much, but the cost does add up over multiple trips. And the extra wear and tear on your vehicle associated with driving further means that you would need to repair or replace your vehicle more frequently.

Reduce Emissions

Carbon emissions are another important factor, especially for businesses interested in environmental and social good. There are two ways to look at this.

Firstly, recycled concrete aggregates typically produce less carbon emissions compared to gravel and similar quarry products. So, recycling your concrete waste or purchasing recycled product from a facility like ours can play a role in reducing carbon emissions.

Secondly, the shorter your distance to a recycling facility, the lower your own vehicle’s carbon emissions will be — whether dropping off your waste or picking up recycled product. 

Tip: If you don’t want to use your own vehicle to drop off waste or pick up product, check out our concrete skip hire option (thanks to our partnership with Jumbo Skip Bins). With bin trucks utilised on both the delivery and pick up journey, it can mean even more time savings, as well as reduced fuel and emissions.

Support Local

Of course, it’s not just great for the environment and your wallet to choose a locally based recycling facility. Communities benefit when people and businesses choose to keep it local, because it:

  • Ensures more jobs where people live
  • Brings in money and keeps it locally
  • Keeps skills and hands-on learning opportunities in our area
  • Contributes to the amazing lifestyle we get to enjoy in this region

We don’t know about you, but there’s not much better than minimising the commute so you can actually get outdoors and enjoy a bit of nature (and family time) after work.

That’s why we love to shine the light on other local businesses and tradies as much as we can!

How Far is Too Far?

What if you don’t have a concrete recycling facility near your business or work site? What distance is worth travelling to pick up recycled product or drop off your waste?

That’s a good question. At the end of the day, the benefits of recycling concrete and using recycled products (monetary, social, and environmental) mean it’s worth travelling a reasonable distance. That distance will mostly depend on the numbers and how they stack up for you. Most of our customers are located within an hour of our facility in Narangba, north of Brisbane. If you’re further than that from a concrete recycling facility, you might want to consider the situation more carefully and see if there are any viable alternatives.

You won’t hear many concrete recycling companies saying this, but… we have to be realistic. Sometimes landfill is your most viable option — and sometimes you will need to use quarry rocks when nothing else is available nearby. 

The good news is that you can be part of the change that’s needed! Consider lobbying your local council to provide more sustainable alternatives to landfill, and encourage your local landscaping suppliers to stock recycled products in your area. If there’s evidence of demand, supply will likely follow. And the more you use recycling facilities and productives, the bigger this market will grow, leading to more facilities and more products available (at affordable prices).

Support Local and Improve Sustainability With Us!

Moreton Bay Recycling is centrally located for projects and customers within the Moreton Bay Region, with Narangba considered to be the central business hub for the area. And we’re the only facility of our kind in the Moreton Bay Region. 

So, if you’re in and around Moreton Bay or Brisbane’s northern suburbs, it’s a no-brainer to drop your waste with us and buy your products locally.

If you’ve got questions, contact our team, or drop in and pay us a visit at 171-177 Potassium Street, Narangba.


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