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Here at Moreton Bay Recycling, we’re BIG fans of our local Moreton Bay tradies. Not just because many of them are our customers (and we’re their customers!) but because we have some of the nicest, most skilled tradespeople in the country. And that’s a fact!

When it comes to finding a local tradie to quote on a job, everyone knows the most important thing to look for is recommendations!

So, we wanted to share some of our favourite local Moreton Bay and Brisbane region tradies and small businesses. We recommend these folks as much as possible. If you’re looking for help with landscaping, building, or plumbing, check out these folks first.

JSB Kanga Landscaping

JSB Kanga equipment, including a truck, trailer, and mini excavator.

Location: Kurwongbah, servicing north Brisbane and beyond
Phone: Scott on 0409 227 595

JSB Kanga is a landscaping company based in North Brisbane. They use a range of equipment, including Kanga mini loaders, a mini excavator, a tipper truck, and a bobcat. JSB are driveway experts, and have installed hundreds of new driveways, carports, and driveway extensions on both new and old homes. One of the main products JSB Kanga sources for their work is drainage rock, as well as CBR80 for compacting, both provided by Moreton Bay Recycling. They’re also avid recyclers, regularly bringing waste and concrete bricks to the yard for disposal.

Scott would like us to tell you that his business is terrible so that he can finally get a break, but that would be lying. So if you’re a builder or homeowner and you need a top-notch landscaper, call Scott!

Some of JSB Kanga’s favourite local tradies include Love it Landscapes, Chris Brown Constructions, and Ground Up Landscaping.


MADTEC’s dump truck located onsite.

Location: Morayfield, servicing Moreton Bay and Greater Brisbane
Phone: Craig on 0412 586 026

Madtec are experts in excavation, earthmoving, and demolition. Run by Craig (who has an impressive 25+ years in the industry), Madtec offers on-time, high-quality services to a mix of homeowners, developers, and project managers in Moreton Bay and Greater Brisbane. They can help with a range of projects, from residential demolishes, to earthmoving, pool digs, and tree/stump/concrete removal, and can even deliver your mulch. With an excavator and bobcat, Craig at Madtec can move huge volumes of structures, earth, and rubble before you say “where’d it all go?” for a very competitive price.

Wherever possible, the team at Madtec buy recycled products and recycle waste from jobs, as it minimises their footprint and saves customers money. Moreton Bay Recycling is where they do a lot of their recycling, and they also purchase crusher dust for driveways.

Craig’s top recommendations for local tradies and businesses include Kings Asbestos Removal at North Lakes, Bobcat Hire Group in Deception Bay, and Worklocker at Morayfield.

Precision Boulder Walls

Sandstone retaining wall in front of a house in Brisbane, constructed by David from Precision Boulder Walls.

Location: Moreton Bay, servicing Brisbane Metro and the Sunshine Coast
Phone: David on 0413 494 542

Precision Boulder Walls specialise in constructing boulder walls – especially in steep or awkward surroundings, where maximum knowledge, skills, and precision are required. David Symonds (director) has worked with numerous home owners and builders throughout Brisbane Metro and the Sunshine Coast to expertly design and construct strong feature walls that perfectly fit their surroundings. Projects include retaining walls, boulder walls, garden bed edging, stone paving, boulder monuments, sandstone letterboxes and stairs, and foundation boulders for water tanks.

David uses a range of quality materials to construct his walls, including recycled concrete products from Moreton Bay Recycling. In particular, he uses our 40mm and 75mm crushed concrete for drainage, as well as crusher dust and sometimes roadbase. He appreciates the affordable pricing, as well as convenient access to Moreton Bay Recycling for most job locations.

If you’re interested in building a strong, durable, beautiful wall or boulder feature, give David a call!

RCG Landscaping Solutions & All Creative Concrete

A modern looking white house with an automatic gate and concrete driveway.

Location: Redcliffe, servicing Greater Moreton (including Brisbane and Sunshine Coast)
Website: /
Email: /
Phone: Dave on 0419 222 867 / Joel on 0497 348 432

Dave and his team manage two local businesses: RCG Landscaping Solutions (formerly Redcliffe City Gates) and All Creative Concrete. RCG Landscaping Solutions covers all landscaping needs, from turf and retaining walls, to fences and gates. All Creative Concrete covers all concreting needs, specialising in driveways, retaining walls, exposed aggregate, coloured concrete, patios, footpaths, resurfacing, and stenciling.

RCG Landscaping and All Creative Concrete use a range of recycled concrete products from Moreton Bay Recycling, including soil, 40mm gravel, crusher dust, and CBR15. And they take all recyclable concrete products back to the yard for recycling. Dave finds it cost-effective because it’s local (running trucks to and from locations can be pricey!), and it means they’re as sustainable as they can be. Depending on the job, the team may pick up product or organise a delivery service.

With more than 10 years servicing the Moreton region (including Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas), you can trust the friendly team at RCG/ACC for all your concreting and landscaping needs. Whether you’re a homeowner or local business looking to partner with a skilled contractor, Dave and the team will be an asset on any project.

Sawyer Plumbing

Geoff Sawyer from Sawyer Plumbing with kids.

Location: Petrie, servicing Brisbane City to Sunshine Coast
Phone: Geoff on 0438 369 317

Sawyer Plumbing might just be the friendliest (and best-rated) plumbers in all of Brisbane. Geoff Sawyer heads up this Petrie-based family business, providing professional, quality plumbing services for very reasonable prices.

Whether you’re after general plumbing, emergency plumbing, help with drainage, gas fitting, or plumbing safety/maintenance, Sawyer Plumbing can help. Specialties include school drainage and water upgrades, commercial and domestic drainage solutions, commercial and domestic maintenance, and bespoke domestic builds.

Sawyer Plumbing uses Moreton Bay Recycling’s recycled drainage aggregate (7mm, 10mm, and 20mm) for their drainage pipework installations and also to help move water away from the surface and into the soil. They also like to use 10mm and 20mm aggregates as decorative rock around tank slabs, garden beds, and retainer walls – they find the colour looks great, especially when wet as it brings out all the natural and distinct colours of the crushed up concrete, bricks, and stone.

Because it’s a recycled product, Sawyer Plumbing’s customers can save money and know that they’re minimising their project’s impact on the environment. Geoff brings a lot of the concrete surfaces and bricks that he digs up back to Moreton Bay Recycling for dumping. That means he could be reusing waste from one job to provide drainage on the next job.

If you need a go-to plumber who’s experienced, reliable, hard-working, and honest, call Geoff any time – he’s even available 24/7 for emergency plumbing!

Who’s on your list?

We love to work with local tradies when we need something done around the yard. And we love to help great businesses get to know each other so they can partner up on bigger projects and do great work together.

So, please leave us a comment over on Facebook and tag some of the tradespeople and businesses you love to work with. We prefer to hear from businesses based in Moreton Bay, but Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast is fine, too.

And if you’d recommend us to your tradie contacts and favourite local small businesses, we’d be incredibly grateful, and look forward to seeing them at our Narangba recycling facility soon!

– Hilary Dold, General Manager

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