MBR’S New Building Is Turning Heads

When it comes to their new site Moreton Bay Recycling is doing nothing by halves. This includes the office building. MBR’s business manager Hilary explains “Even though it’s not a major part of the business we wanted to do something different.” According to Hilary many of the people involved with the initial design were very sceptical about their plans. Hilary says she kept asking everyone to trust her and in the end, it has more than paid off.

The new building is certainly not what you expect to see on a worksite and more like something you might see in an architecture magazine. Every inch of it has been carefully considered and designed with a focus on both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

So what makes the building so different? First off, the entire outside of the building is made using Colourbond trim dek in a dark grey. This was a bold choice as there were fears the building would look like a shed. However, contrasted against the dark timber trimmings that accentuate the entrance, this trim dek is surprisingly effective in creating a modern and stylish exterior.

The floor inside the building is a beautiful polished concrete which not only looks fantastic but is practical for an office built on a worksite. The ceilings are high and made using plywood pine which makes space feel much brighter and bigger then it actually is.

The height of the ceilings and careful layout of the building also allows for a breeze to flow through making it noticeably cooler inside and provides relief from the heat of the worksite outside.

For the recycled timber trimmings and features used throughout the building, MBR enlisted the help of their new neighbour, Kennedy’s. Kennedy’s uses reclaimed and recycled timber and share MBR’s environmentally sustainable ethos. Not only does this new neighbour align perfectly with MBR’s values they have a truly impressive resume of past projects including The Charming Squire, Brisbane, Hilton Hotel Melbourne and the Parliament House Rose Gardens.

For the kitchen cabinets, MBR has enlisted the help on another new neighbour, Kingswood Cabinets. Hilary says “Not many people are familiar with Potassium Street but there are lots of interesting and creative things going on here.”

One of the things the MBR team felt was particularly important when building the office was that it was open enough to encourage clients to drop in and say hello. Hilary says “We have a great relationship our clients, it’s part of what makes doing what we do so enjoyable. We’ve included big sliding glass windows so if anyone wants to talk to us they can just pop their head through the window, we’ve got an open plan space so everyone can connect.”

Moreton Bay Recycling’s office building is just one of the many ways Hilary and the team have taken it upon themselves to stand out from their competitors by doing something new and exciting. From the work site to their business model MBR has always done things a little differently and so far it has more than paid off.

Moreton Bay Recycling will be accepting drop off at their new site from Wednesday 13th March. For more updates and information on the move, follow Moreton Bay Recycling on Facebook or send us a direct enquiry via our website.


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