MBR is Making a Move

You may have noticed MBR’s slick new branding. Well, that’s not the only exciting change happening to this business. In 2019, MBR is also moving to a brand new location.

If you are thinking to yourself, ‘but MBR is so conveniently located.’ Don’t fret! The new site is just down the road on Potassium Street.

According to MBR’s business manager Hilary, one of the major differences of the new site will be that it is a lot easier to drive in and out of. Existing clients will know that getting on and off the current site in a large truck can difficult as it is positioned on a busy road with vehicles speeding up and down at 80kms an hour.

Potassium Street is a ‘B double route’ which means that it has restricted access and is specifically designed for the use of heavy vehicles. This will make MBR’s easy drop-off and pick-up process more efficient than ever.

Another exciting feature of the new site is that it will include a ‘wheel washer’. This will clean the wheels of trucks leaving the site so as to prevent clients from carting debris onto the road, which, as most drivers will know, can lead to very heavy fines.

In order to stay true to MBR’s philosophy of recycling and reducing waste, the water used for the wheel washer will be recycled.

According to Hilary, the whole MBR team is coming with them to the new location and they couldn’t be more excited. She says “The current property is owned by the council. We’ve always known they had plans to build a super depo here, so it has always felt temporary.”

The building at the new site will be finished by the end of March but Hilary is hoping they can start accepting drop-offs as early as the end of February.

“This move means we can set our site up the way we want to and build a sustainable business. This new location means that we’re here to say.”

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