Farewells & Introductions

Hilary Dold, General Manager of Moreton Bay Recycling, smiling while standing in front of the yard.

We have some BIG changes coming up in 2022 for Moreton Bay Recycling. It’s time to share some news about what’s changing for us (a bit) and what’s changing for our customers (not much at all).

Change of Ownership

It’s official – Paul and I (Hilary) have sold Moreton Bay Recycling to Rory Crundall. Starting from February 2022, you won’t see us around the yard anymore.

I’ll share a bit more about the new owner shortly, but first, I wanted to reassure you about what’s not changing. Then I’ll take some time to reflect on the journey and thank the people who have been a huge part of what we’ve done here at Moreton Bay Recycling.

What’s Not Changing?

Most importantly, the products you’ve come to rely on aren’t going anywhere. The delivery services, recycling capabilities, and the way the yard is run will stay the same for the foreseeable future. And the amazing team who you see here everyday still has their jobs and positions.

As far as I am aware, the name, look, and feel of Moreton Bay Recycling will stay the same.

Rory has the same commitment to sustainable concrete aggregate alternatives — and I believe he plans to run the operations with minimal changes for the next few months while he gets into the swing of things.

The Thank Yous

Hilary with the staff of Moreton Bay Recycling in late 2021, posing in front of the truck.

Now it’s time to thank all the clients that have supported us over the years. Without you, we wouldn’t have got to where we are today. We worked hard to give you the level of service and quality products you needed to be successful on your projects — and we’re grateful that you rewarded us with your loyalty.

I’m also grateful to our staff, who will remain in their roles as we hand the business over to Rory. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to serve our clients — and for that I thank you!

The Journey

 The original Moreton Bay Recycling yard on Boundary Road.

As Paul and I come to the end of our time with Moreton Bay Recycling, we’ve been reflecting on the journey.

When we first started recycling, we didn’t have our own gear. Over the years, we gradually acquired our own equipment to crush, process, and deliver the products. Just two years ago, we had one truck full-time on the road, and now we have enough deliveries to keep two trucks busy!

We started out on some land on Boundary road which we rented from the council (which is now being transformed into a depot!). A couple of years ago, we purchased the current block of land at 171-177 Potassium Street, Narangba to ensure we wouldn’t have any delays or limits on our ability to supply product.

The current yard on Potassium Street in Narangba, with a Moreton Bay Recycling truck parked in front of a large stockpile of recycled concrete.

We’ve gradually built up our customer base, and introduced night crushing so that we could be more productive and keep up with demand. We’ve gone from producing four products onsite to using our own equipment to produce seven, including CBR15, CBR80, Crusher Dust, Recycled Drainage, and Recycled Aggregate. Plus, we sell mulch, topsoil, and sand for our clients’ convenience.

We’ve also built up our team of staff, enabling us to serve more customers and process more product.

Even though we’ve grown, we’ve remained very hands-on with our clients. We’re proud to know them by name — every client is a part of our community, not just a number.

Continued Growth Outlook

We’ve had a wonderful couple of years, with product constantly coming in and no major supply issues. The region is growing, construction is booming, and we’re seeing an ever-increasing interest in recycling.

Although we’re selling Moreton Bay Recycling, we’re proud to be handing over a business that is in top shape. The staff are reliable in their crushing and processing abilities, the machines are in good working order, everything to date has been taken care of to the best of our ability, and no expense has been spared.

And now Moreton Bay Recycling is ready to go to the next level with its new owner, Rory.

Meet Rory

Rory, the new owner of Moreton Bay Recycling.

Rory Crundall has been working around the yard for the last month, getting to know the products, processes, and team. Some of you may have already met him, but if you haven’t and would like to, please stop in at the office and say hi.

Rory is an experienced small business owner in the local area. You may have already met and worked with him through his business, Jumbo Skip Bins. 

I’ll leave it to Rory to introduce himself properly in the next blog post.


Signing Off!

By the time you read this, I’ll have already signed off from my duties at Moreton Bay Recycling. But before I go, I wanted to say one final thank you to every person who has been part of our journey with Moreton Bay Recycling.

I’m leaving you in capable hands and confident that you’ll continue to get the products and services you love with Rory and the rest of the team.

Be sure to say hi if you see Paul or myself out and about in the community. 

Hilary Dold















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