Drainage Concrete: An Affordable Alternative to Gravel

Animation of a tree growing from behind a pile of drainage concrete aggregates, along with a green recycling symbol.

Happy National Recycling Week 2022! 

All too often, valuable materials (like concrete) go to landfill when they have so much potential to be recycled and reused in new ways. That’s why we love this year’s theme for National Recycling Week: Waste isn’t Waste until it’s Wasted

So, this week we want to shine the light on one of our most popular recycled products — drainage concrete!

Why drainage concrete? It’s a shining example of how you can take concrete waste and turn it into something really valuable. And compared to the alternatives, it can be cheaper, better for the environment, and possess more desirable properties, too! 

But before we get into the details, we have a very exciting announcement, in case you missed it ⤵

We’re the 2022 Winners of the Environment & Sustainability Excellence Award!Rory from Moreton Bay Recycling accepts the award at the Moreton Bay Business & Innovation Awards 2022.

Last month, Moreton Bay Recycling took out the top spot and WON the Environment & Sustainability Excellence Award at the 2022 Moreton Bay Business Innovation Awards!

We’re grateful to the judges for recognising the work we do, to our team for working so hard on the vision, and to our customers for all their support. 

We had a wonderful evening — and once again, we wish to say a massive congratulations to all the finalists and winners on the night. It was incredible to be among such great businesses and individuals, and we’re very excited for all that’s still to come!

Read more about the Environment & Sustainability Excellence Award here.


Now… where were we? Ah, yes – drainage concrete!

Perhaps you’ll find these three benefits of recycled drainage concrete just as exciting as our award — especially if you have a big drainage project coming up…

3 Reasons to Choose Drainage ConcreteInfographic illustrating three reasons to love recycled concrete drainage: affordability, ease, and sustainability.

1. Drainage Concrete is More Affordable

When it feels like the cost of everything is going up, it’s more important than ever to find cost savings where you can. Because it’s a recycled product that’s efficient to produce, drainage concrete tends to cost less per tonne than quarry alternatives like gravel.

We recently estimated that our customers could save around $28-$48/tonne by choosing our recycled drainage concrete instead of the standard blue metal drainage found in landscaping yards.

But another really cool thing about recycled concrete is that it’s more porous than gravels like crushed granite, which means it weighs less. When you’re charged by the tonne, this means you get a lot more bang for your buck (AKA a larger volume of product) by choosing recycled concrete instead of drainage gravel.

2. It’s Easier to Lift Concrete Aggregate

Because crushed concrete aggregate is significantly lighter than crushed granite, it’s easier to move around. When you’re doing heavy landscaping work, anything that reduces the load on your back is a win!

3. Crushed Concrete is Kinder to the Environment

By choosing drainage concrete, you’re helping to keep concrete waste out of landfill and support the circular economy. This also reduces demand for natural resources, which keeps raw materials in the ground for longer.

Bonus: Customers Love It!

Consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact — and want to choose sustainable products and services where possible. This means that businesses that promote and work with sustainable products (like recycled drainage concrete) can enjoy a competitive advantage.

How to Use Drainage Concrete

Our range of drainage recycled concrete and recycled aggregates comes in 7mm, 10mm, 20mm, 40mm, and 75-100mm sizes. These products are an ideal substitute for drainage rock or gravel in nearly any plumbing or landscaping project. 

Applications include:

  • Adding gravel to soil for improved drainage
  • Potting gravel for pot plants or planters
  • Drainage rock around buildings
  • Gravel for french drains
  • Porous, compatible retaining wall backfill rocks
  • Gabion retaining wall fill

One of the larger projects we’ve been involved in recently is the new Big Fish Caboolture Retail Precinct. We’ve been working with one of the builders, H.Troon, to provide a large quantity of drainage material to prepare the site. So far, confirmed retailers include Bunnings, Coles, Petstock, Caltex, Chemist Warehouse, McDonalds, Red Rooster, and a Tavern (with more to come). 

Make Your Move to Recycled Products!Moreton Bay Recycling delivering a load of recycled aggregate to a property in Deception Bay.

If you’ve been wanting to recycle more (or swap to a more sustainable product), it’s time to take action. Don’t wait until next National Recycling Week… or even next year. The sooner you make a change, the better our local environment will be for it. 

So, if you’re based in Moreton Bay or Brisbane and you’re in the market for drainage rocks, come and check out our drainage recycled concrete alternatives (or organise a delivery to your location)! And of course, if you’ve got concrete waste to dump, we can help with that, too.

You’ll find us just 5 minutes off the Bruce Highway. Or call my team on (07) 3293 4949 with any questions.

– Rory Crundall, Managing Director

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