Concrete recycling in Brisbane: Tip vs specialist recycling centre

Truck dumping concrete waste at Moreton Bay Recycling facility in north Brisbane

*Update Jan 2021: Due to large volumes of incoming concrete, we now charge an affordable fee for concrete waste dumped at our yard. Please contact us for the latest prices.

If you’ve always dumped your concrete waste at the local tip, you might have wondered why some people would bother taking their waste somewhere else. Is it even worth going out of your way to visit a concrete recycling centre in Brisbane or Queensland?

Spoiler alert: yes! We certainly think so.

There are a number of differences between the council-run waste facilities and private recycling centres. And these differences could significantly impact how efficiently and cost-effectively you run your business.

The biggest differences

1. What you can dump

Most concrete recycling places only accept clean concrete that’s free from steel, dirt, grass, timber, and rubbish. Although here at MBR, we’ve recently upgraded our equipment so that we can accept concrete that contains steel. That’s because our new pulveriser can break down and separate the steel from the concrete before crushing.

However, it’s worth mentioning that your local dump will accept most types of waste. Which means if you have a mix of waste products you need to dispose of, the dump could be more convenient.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that new laws require you to dump different categories of waste separately. So, if you need to dump timber waste, steel waste, and concrete waste, you’ll need to go through the waiting line and get your vehicle weighed three separate times to record how much of each type you’re dumping.

2. What it costs


How much does it cost to dump concrete? That depends…

When you dump clean concrete with a recycling facility like us, it’s completely free of charge*

However, if you’re a commercial entity in Queensland and you dump concrete at your local tip, you’ll be charged the new construction and demolition waste levy of $75 per tonne. This is on top of existing commercial waste fees, which vary depending on your waste facility (at our nearest facility, clean concrete costs $26 per tonne to dump).

3. How long you’ll need to wait

This is possibly the biggest issue for businesses right now. After all, time is money, especially if you’re paying employees to sit in their vehicle and wait in line.

Since changes to reporting and regulation were introduced on July 1, 2019, wait times at Queensland waste management facilities have been significantly longer. There have even been reports of visitors waiting hours in massive line ups.

Some dumps, like our local Dakabin waste management facility, have taken to sharing live feeds of their waiting lines so that locals can plan their visit and avoid peak times.

Fortunately, private concrete recycling facilities like ours aren’t affected by these new regulations. Unlike other facilities, we don’t have time-consuming weighbridges and weighing processes. Dumping concrete waste with us is as quick as ever – drive in, dump, drive out. 

You could be headed back to your worksite (or morning tea break) in just 5 minutes.

4. Processing methods

Your concrete recycling facility will crush and sort your old demolition concrete into aggregates and dust. Here at Moreton Bay Recycling, we use a range of equipment to make this happen, including excavators, loaders, a pulveriser, crushers, and screeners. 

Recycled concrete is then sold to be used in a range of projects like:

  • Laying under paths, roads, driveways, and foundations
  • Filling in drainage and retaining walls
  • Decorative features and mulching

Read more about types of equipment we use to recycle concrete waste into new products or check out these 6 ways recycled concrete products are used in projects.


Many councils categorise concrete under “general waste”, which means it goes to landfill. For example, the Brisbane City Council site advises locals to “…contact a private landfill, concrete-crushing facility, or other disposal outlets that accept these products. Businesses reuse, recycle or reprocess these products to a saleable product.”

5. Location


There are many more tips located throughout South East Queensland than there are specialist concrete recycling centres. Depending on your headquarters and job site, you might have to travel more or less to find concrete recycling facilities in Brisbane.

Brisbane concrete recycling facilities

The best concrete recycling facilities for you will depend largely on where you’re based and where your worksite is located. Hopefully, if you’re in the Moreton Bay region or travelling on the Bruce Highway north of Brisbane, you’ll choose to stop in. But we understand that many of our customers will work with multiple recycling facilities, depending on their location. So we’ve listed some of the most popular concrete recycling facilities in and around Brisbane:

Moreton Bay Recycling (Narangba)

171-177 Potassium Street, Narangba, QLD, 4504

Based in Narangba (north of Brisbane), we mainly service the Moreton Bay area, but we often have clients travel from all over Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to use our facilities. We accept clean concrete waste and can even process concrete with steel through it.

Alex Fraser Group (Nudgee)

1512 Nudgee Road, Nudgee Beach, QLD 4014

Alex Fraser Group has two locations in Queensland, as well as further locations in Victoria. Nudgee is their north Brisbane facility, where they accept waste concrete, brick and asphalt, clean rock, and some mixed waste product. They convert this waste into civil construction materials. Recently, Alex Fraser have added a charge for dumping product (including concrete).

Alex Fraser Group (Archerfield)

40/50 Beaufighter Avenue, Archerfield, QLD 4108

This is Alex Fraser Group’s facility located on the south side of Brisbane.

BMI Group (Acacia Ridge)

146 Watson Rd, Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110

BMI Group’s main resource recovery facility is located at Acacia Ridge, in Brisbane’s south. However, they also have facilities in Larapinta, Mt Gravatt East, Nudgee Road, Redbank Plains, and Stapylton. Along with concrete waste, they accept most concrete/demolition waste (including asphalt, rock, soil and fill), plus commercial/industrial waste, foundry sand and slag, timber, and green waste. Fees apply for dumping waste products at BMI Group.

Pop in and see the difference

If you haven’t already tried a concrete recycling facility, why not give us a go next time you’re in the area? We’re based north of Brisbane at Narangba, just off the Bruce Highway. We’re always happy to show new customers around the place. If you have any old demolition concrete, you can leave it with us (for free) and pick up fresh recycled aggregate products while you’re there (if you need them).

We’re certain you’ll love the difference, whether it’s the cost-savings, speedy service, or convenience.

– Hilary Dold, General Manager

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