Time to Clean Up Your Pile of Concrete!

Pile of concrete waste, including bricks, slabs, rubble, and metal

Been waiting for a sign that it’s (finally) time to clean up that pile of concrete? Well, here it is…

Clean Up Australia Day 2022 is this March 6, and the official National Business Clean Up Day is on March 1.

This year, we’re challenging more Australian businesses to clean up their concrete!

What Businesses Can Do: Clean Up Australia Day 2022

If you’ve ever been part of a Clean Up Australia Day event, you’ll know that there’s nothing more satisfying than cleaning up the environment you live in. It’s not only great for the plants and animals and makes things look nice, but it’s a good reminder that we all need to do what we can to preserve our natural environment.

There are a number of ways that businesses can get involved in Clean Up Australia Day, like registering for an event (which helps to provide resources for community groups and schools) or holding your own Business Clean Up event. You can also be part of a very important citizen science project by counting and reporting on the number of disposable masks you remove from the environment.

But we also wanted to set our own challenge to local businesses this March:

It’s time to finally clean up that pile of concrete… and make sure that it gets recycled.

Cleaning up your concrete might not be as straightforward as picking up rubbish from your gutter and footpath, but it’s just as important for creating a safe, sustainable environment — and a space that looks good, too.

Time to Stop Looking at that Concrete Pile

A large pile of concrete rubble, ready for processing at Moreton Bay Recycling.

At Moreton Bay Recycling, we love concrete as much as the next person. We love that it’s a durable, adaptable material for buildings, paths, driveways, and other purposes.

But we don’t love piles of concrete rubble that get left lying around businesses and worksites because:

  • Concrete waste is an eyesore (to state the obvious!)
  • Piles of rubble can contain hidden hazards, especially when mixed with reinforcing steel
  • There’s a risk of loose chunks rolling and causing serious injury to people and animals, as well as damage to property
  • It’ll get in the way of other projects and uses for your space
  • Your concrete still has so much more potential that’s going to waste — and since concrete production has a significant carbon footprint, it’s important to get as much use out of it as possible

Fortunately, concrete disposal is a straightforward process if you know what to do.

Tips & Tricks for Responsible Concrete Disposal

A pile of clean concrete waste, with pieces of concrete and metal reinforcing.

1. Make it Clean

Ensure that your concrete pile only contains acceptable materials, like:

  • Concrete (reinforcement steel is ok)
  • Bricks
  • Outdoor pavers
  • Clay tiles
  • Roof tiles

Want to learn more? Read about clean concrete waste and our acceptable materials for dumping.

2. Keep it Contained

Hire a skip bin to make cleaning up your concrete pile easier than ever. It’s also the best way to keep your concrete waste clean and free from other dirt and debris. That’s one reason why we’re working on a partnership with Jumbo Skip Bins — so that we can make skip bin hire for concrete (and other types of materials) super simple.

3. Metal is Ok

A lot of demolition concrete contains steel for reinforcing. Most concrete recycling facilities (like ours) can process concrete with steel and separate them for recycling.

4. Keep it Local

To minimise the cost of transporting your concrete waste (and environmental impact), find a concrete waste disposal facility that’s close to your business. If you’re between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, head to our facility at Narangba, just off the Bruce Highway.

5. Avoid Landfill

Concrete waste is a valuable resource that can be turned into recycled aggregates, crusher dust, and compactable fill. So, make sure that you take your concrete waste to a recycling facility where it can be recovered, not a general waste facility where it’ll end up in landfill. Plus, commercial dumping fees are often lower at a concrete recycling yard, compared to council waste facilities.

See You this March?

The Moreton Bay Recycling truck is parked behind a pile of recycled concrete.

If you’ve been holding onto some concrete waste, now is the perfect time to drop it off with us or organise a skip bin for your business.

Call (07) 3293 4949, email info@moretonbayrecycling.com.au, or drop into 171-177 Potassium Street, Narangba. We’re open:

  • 6am – 4:30pm Monday-Friday
  • 7am – 12pm Saturday

Happy cleaning and we look forward to seeing you this March as part of your efforts for Clean Up Australia Day 2022!

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