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Graphic of a person pointing at a graph.
Whether you regularly dispose of concrete waste, or you work with aggregates in your construction or landscaping projects, you might be interested in exploring concrete recycling, and how it can support your business. Maybe you have questions, like: Is concrete recycling on the rise? What makes it better for the environment? Are recycled concrete products...
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Graphic showing people putting items in a recycling bin.
Not all businesses are equal when it comes to recycling practices. Recycling waste products can often save money, but it does take more time and effort. It means adjusting business processes to separate out different types of waste – and finding suitable facilities to recycle it (like ours) or buyers who can repurpose the products....
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A dark green skip bin overflowing with waste, sitting against a light grey concrete wall.
How should you dispose of your unwanted concrete? Should you throw it in the bin with everything else, or recycle it? As a concrete recycling facility, we’re always thrilled when we can help another business improve their waste management practices. But we understand that it can be a bit of a leap to go from...
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Abstract brightly coloured illustration that spells “GOOD DAY”.
With Good Deeds Day (April 11) just around the corner, we wanted to talk about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how we’ve been putting this into practice at Moreton Bay Recycling. This blog isn’t to toot our own horn, although it is nice to draw attention to the good stuff we do sometimes! Instead, we...
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Map of Moreton Bay Region with a tool icon overlaid.
Here at Moreton Bay Recycling, we’re BIG fans of our local Moreton Bay tradies. Not just because many of them are our customers (and we’re their customers!) but because we have some of the nicest, most skilled tradespeople in the country. And that’s a fact! When it comes to finding a local tradie to quote...
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Moreton Bay Recycling site office in Narangba.
Planning to visit us in 2021? We’ve put together this quick reference guide for our customers so you can feel confident about our products, services, pricing, and processes. Bookmark this page, print it off, display it on your office wall, or leave a copy in your truck/diary. Save time with all the info you need...
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Gravel driveway in rural location surfaced with recycled concrete aggregate.
As we come into peak bushfire season here in Australia, it’s important to consider how we can be more proactive about protecting properties and businesses to reduce the risk and impact of future bushfires. The 2019/20 bushfires were devastating for many communities, burning over 180,000km2 and coating much of the east coast of Australia in...
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Woman standing on a pathway between rows of tulips.
The sun is shining (mostly), the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing… it’s officially spring! For many of our landscaping customers, spring and summer are the busiest part of the year. Homeowners have big plans for their yards, from building new garden beds and mulching to fixing the drainage and retaining walls… and they...
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Digger and front wheel loader shown working at night to move concrete waste, ready for recycling.
Here at Moreton Bay Recycling, we’re proud to make a positive impact on the environment by reusing and recycling concrete waste. All while providing our customers with affordable, sustainable concrete alternatives to quarry products. But there are also a number of other ways we ensure our business has a positive impact on the environment, particularly...
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Paul Page, a Moreton Bay Recycling client who owns a local landscaping business.
This month on the blog, we wanted to shine the light on one of our amazing customers. A huge thank you to Paul Page for sharing his story with us! Dusty Map Landscaping is a small landscaping company based in Strathpine (north of Brisbane) that helps local homeowners renovate and upgrade their outdoor areas. Owner,...
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