Moreton Bay Recycling truck parked in front of a large pile of recycled concrete aggregates.
It’s time to make it official… Moreton Bay Recycling have committed to recycle 99.9% of incoming waste! We’re really proud of our recycle rate and how we maximise concrete recovery for our region. We want to share a bit about how we came up with these numbers, how we plan to stick to our commitment,...
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Digging through the pile of concrete waste at Moreton Bay Recycling.
Most people know that you can’t put certain things in the yellow-lid-bin at home. But what about the concrete recycling pile? When you work in the recycling industry, it’s always interesting to see the unusual trash and treasures that get left behind… When Bob the Builder Visits… Perhaps this one isn’t so strange, since a...
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Woman’s hand showing ‘ok’ sign, with a hazy city backdrop.
Not sure what the deal is with net zero and how it impacts your business? We’ve been doing some research to better understand how recycled concrete fits in with net zero and we found some interesting stats. Have a read to learn more about net zero and how you can have a positive impact by...
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Moreton Bay Recycling yard looking rather wet after the rain.
If you’re in South-East Queensland, the start of this year was probably a bit wetter than you’d like. Let us refresh your memory… SEQ Floods February 2022 More than 30 locations in SEQ recorded over 1m of rain in a 6-day period, from February 22-28. Here are just a few of the rainfall totals, according...
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Pile of concrete waste, including bricks, slabs, rubble, and metal
Been waiting for a sign that it’s (finally) time to clean up that pile of concrete? Well, here it is… Clean Up Australia Day 2022 is this March 6, and the official National Business Clean Up Day is on March 1. This year, we’re challenging more Australian businesses to clean up their concrete! What Businesses...
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Rory, the new Managing Director of Moreton Bay Recycling.
Hello! My name is Rory Crundall. On January 31st, I officially became the proud new Managing Director of Moreton Bay Recycling. In case we haven’t already met, I wanted to introduce myself properly, fill you in on my background, and share a bit about my vision and plans for Moreton Bay Recycling. First, let me...
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Hilary Dold, General Manager of Moreton Bay Recycling, smiling while standing in front of the yard.
We have some BIG changes coming up in 2022 for Moreton Bay Recycling. It’s time to share some news about what’s changing for us (a bit) and what’s changing for our customers (not much at all). Change of Ownership It’s official – Paul and I (Hilary) have sold Moreton Bay Recycling to Rory Crundall. Starting...
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Moreton Bay Recycling trucks parked in the concrete recycling yard, near large concrete blocks.
Can you believe it’s November already? As 2021 quickly draws to a close, we wanted to reflect on the year we’ve had, welcome some new staff, fill you in on our Christmas/New Year plans, and talk about what’s next for our (very busy!) region. First up, let us introduce you to some new team members....
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Illustration showing a person looking at a stylised diagram that has 9 items in a list.
You never know when a fun fact may come in handy, whether it’s trivia night, impressing your in-laws, or even saving some money on your next plumbing, demolition, or landscaping job. So, we’ve put together some fun facts to help you expand your knowledge of concrete. Let’s hope this blog doesn’t soothe you off to...
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Moreton Bay Recycling’s yard showing a large pile of mixed concrete waste, ready for disposal and recycling.
Most people know that recycling is important. We’ve had “reduce, reuse, recycle” drilled into us since about the 70s! But a lot of people simply don’t know what they can recycle and where. As a result, a large portion of waste that’s recyclable ends up in landfill – and that has a negative effect on...
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