Illustrations showing sustainable landscaping and gardening ideas for Australian homes.
Most homeowners and tradies have heard of sustainable construction practices for housing — but what about sustainable landscaping? Sustainable landscapes take into consideration things like water conservation, energy efficiency, functionality, soil health, maintenance, permeable surfaces, and the use of recycled materials. They’re better for the environment, better for communities, and often better for the wallet,...
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Demolished building structure behind a fence, with the text ‘What can you recycled in a house demolition?’
Need to demolish a building and repurpose, reuse, and recycle wherever possible?  By recycling and repurposing, you can get more value from the materials, help grow the circular economy, reduce your landfill, and even minimise your dumping fees.  But first, you’ll need to get familiar with the various materials you can extract from a home...
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Photo of Moreton Bay Recycling employee and truck, with overlaid words ‘Sustainable Procurement with Recycled Concrete’.
Do you have a sustainable procurement strategy? Or goals to grow your business while operating more sustainably?  This month, we’re talking all about sustainable procurement — and how recycled concrete might just help businesses win bigger projects, as developers, governments, and organisations face increasing pressure to choose sustainable products and service providers. First, let’s start...
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Image with hands holding a heart-shaped earth and text overlay, ‘How Moreton Bay Recycling Positively Impacts the Environment’.
Most of us have a general notion of the importance of recycling and how it helps the environment. But not enough people understand the specifics that can help them genuinely reduce their environmental impact — either as individuals or as a business. So, as a recycling company, we wanted to shine a light on some...
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Pile of recycled concrete in the background, with recycling-related graphics and “National Recycling Week 2023” text overlay.
Is your business ready for National Recycling Week 2023? Join us this year from November 13 – 19 as we celebrate National Recycling Week in Australia. This year’s theme is “What Goes Around Comes Around”, promoting the concept of waste creation, recycling, and contributing to the circular economy. National Recycling Week is a great opportunity...
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Guide to the Caboolture West Development’ overlaid on satellite map of the area.
If you live or work in the Moreton Bay Region, chances are, you’ve been hearing a lot about the Caboolture West development lately.  This exciting new development will require a huge amount of effort from businesses across the region over the coming years and decades (including many of our MBR customers). So, we’ve put together...
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Text overlay ‘What are concrete aggregates?’ on a background showing a truck next to a pile of recycled crushed concrete.
There’s a first time for everything…  The first time you rode a bike (woo hoo!), your first solo drive after you passed your driving test (freedom!), and the first time you heard the phrase “concrete aggregate” (what in the world is that?!). If you’re already a pro in the industry, you can skip this one....
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Concrete Recycling: the latest developments.
Did you know that concrete recycling is still a new, emerging industry? Although there are already plenty of uses for recycled concrete, researchers and businesses are constantly exploring new possibilities. We’re always keeping our finger on the pulse (and looking for ways to make our own contributions!) so thought we’d share a summary of new...
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Looking for concrete recycling near you? When it comes to recycling and the circular economy… distance matters.  It matters because the further you have to travel, the more time it takes, the more it costs, and the greater the impact on our environment.  So we wanted to focus on this issue of location — to...
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Moreton Bay Recycling site office in Narangba.
Planning to visit us in 2023? We’ve put together this quick reference guide for our customers so you can feel confident about our products, services, pricing, and processes. Bookmark this page, print it off, display it on your office wall, or leave a copy in your truck/diary. Save time with all the info you need...
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