Case study: Delivering better value materials for landscaping businesses

Paul Page, a Moreton Bay Recycling client who owns a local landscaping business.

This month on the blog, we wanted to shine the light on one of our amazing customers. A huge thank you to Paul Page for sharing his story with us!

Dusty Map Landscaping is a small landscaping company based in Strathpine (north of Brisbane) that helps local homeowners renovate and upgrade their outdoor areas.

Owner, Paul Page, started the business in 2002 and has grown it to offer a range of landscaping and maintenance services to meet the needs of customers in the north Brisbane area, including:

    Garden installations and renovations


    Retaining walls

    Shaping and levelling



    Paving and pathways


    Decorative pebbling

    And more

“I built a little business out of nothing and now I’ve got an excavator, skid steer loaders, and all the attachments”, said Paul Page, owner of Dusty Map Landscaping.

“I can do basically any little residential job from earthmoving to retaining walls, fencing, turfing… all of the above.”

While Dusty Map Landscaping is just a small business – Paul does all the landscaping himself – with the company of his dog – he’s overcome many of the same challenges that bigger landscaping companies face.

Challenges: Affordability is key for landscaping

For a landscaping company, one of the biggest challenges is affordability. Customers are usually price-sensitive – they understand the value of paying for good quality products and services, but if it’s not affordable, they may go down the DIY route or delay their landscaping work indefinitely.

Paul needed a way to reduce his costs and pass these savings onto customers. After spending a lot of money on landscaping products, he realised that the best way to reduce costs would be to source more affordable materials without compromising on quality or performance.

“I spent a lot of money in landscaping yards and paid top dollar,” said Paul.

He knew that if he wanted to offer a competitive service to clients, he’d need to find a more affordable landscaping supplier.

Solution: Local recycled concrete

Recycled concrete aggregate is used in one of Dusty Map Landscaping’s jobs.

Around 7 years ago, Paul heard about Moreton Bay Recycling (MBR) through a friend who also had a business. This was back when MBR were based at Boundary Road, before they moved to the current site in Narangba.

Since then, Paul has used nearly all of MBR’s products in many of his landscaping projects, including:

  • CBR15
  • 20mm drainage recycled concrete
  • 40mm recycled aggregate
  • 70mm recycled aggregate
  • Topsoil
  • Mulch
  • Crusher dust

Sometimes Paul picks the product up himself, while other times, he gets it delivered onsite.

“I use MBR’s products in all my landscaping projects. I use the 20mm for drainage behind retaining walls and laying agge pipes, and I use all the soils for top dressing, as well as building up low lying areas and turf preps. I use the crusher dust to go under paving when doing paving work, and it makes a good base because it’s really easy to screed and makes a nice level playing field. I also use the mulch in all the garden beds,” Paul said.

Paul made the switch to Moreton Bay Recycling’s concrete landscaping products primarily because he can get better value for money, but he’s found other benefits along the way.

“A lot of the gravel you get from landscaping yards comes straight from the quarries, so it’s a lot more expensive. But I find it’s virtually the same product, whether it’s straight from the quarry or recycled. I like that Moreton Bay Recycling can deal in bulk volumes, too.”

Results: Fast, convenient, great value products that perform

Landscaping company Dusty Map Landscaping uses mulch from Moreton Bay Recycling in a tiered garden bed.

As a result of switching to recycled concrete landscaping products (and the other products on offer at MBR), Paul has experienced a positive impact on his business and for his clients.

“Clients haven’t noticed any differences in terms of performance or appearance – some of the clients actually like the idea of recycling and upcycling,” said Paul.

Local pickups and deliveries are more convenient for Paul, too, and he loves working with the team.

“It’s a good location, set up really well, runs smoothly, and the team is always happy. Rosco (Ross) is really good in the truck – when I need a bulk load, he delivers onsite. Once he arrives, he always gets out and has a look, and makes sure he doesn’t run over any pipes.”

“Normally, my orders are quite spur of the moment, but the team at Moreton Bay Recycling help me out as much as they can. I’m really happy with the service.”

“If you’re thinking about making the switch to recycled landscaping materials, give it a go. It’s great value and good products. There’s always a lot of staff there ready to help at MBR, and they all seem to know what they’re doing.”

Switch your landscaping business to recycled concrete

If you’re a landscaper or builder looking to save on costs without compromising on quality, why not give us a call, email, or pop into the yard for a chat? Our team at MBR would be happy to show you how our products compare on price and performance, and maybe you can make the switch to recycled concrete products, too.

And if you’re looking for a landscaping professional in north Brisbane, give Paul a call on 0419 964 531. He’s a really nice bloke, will do a great job, and uses top quality products!

We look forward to sharing more of our customer stories in the future, so if you’ve experienced success with our products, we’d love to hear from you. Send Hilary an email at and we’ll organise a time to chat.

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