Caboolture West Development: 2023 Guide

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If you live or work in the Moreton Bay Region, chances are, you’ve been hearing a lot about the Caboolture West development lately. 

This exciting new development will require a huge amount of effort from businesses across the region over the coming years and decades (including many of our MBR customers). So, we’ve put together a handy guide with all the key info and latest news on Caboolture West.

Just in case you’ve missed the announcements, let’s start with a few basics…

Caboolture West Development: What & Where Is It?Overlay on satellite map of Caboolture West area, showing different zones and other markup.

Caboolture West (also known as Waraba) is a brand new suburb located west of the existing suburbs of Bellmere and Caboolture South. This includes 3480 hectares of (mostly) farmland around 50 km north of Brisbane. 

This land has been rezoned by the Moreton Bay Regional Council to include areas for a Town Centre (106 HA), Enterprise and Employment (160 HA), Urban Living (1521), Green Network (1,011 HA), and Rural Living (355 HA).

Naming Caboolture West

After much consultation, the main city name (and one of Caboolture West’s five suburbs) was chosen to be Waraba, which is a local Kabi Kabi word that translates to ‘burn’. The other suburbs in Caboolture West include Lilywood, Wagtail Grove, Greenstone, and Corymbia.

The Caboolture West Structure Plan

The Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan was approved back in March 2023

According to the Caboolture West Structure Plan Summary, the finished development is expected to host 68,700 residents across 26,900 dwellings and provide 17,000 jobs. Plans include 6 local centres, 13 neighbourhood centres, 9 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, a TAFE, and a private hospital. 

The estimated development value is quoted as $9.5 billion (though with all this inflation lately, who can really say?😉).

To help comprehend the scale and size of this development, the current estimated population of North Lakes (which is almost fully developed) is around one third of this size. 

Estimates suggest that Caboolture West will take around 40 years to develop.

The New Bruce Highway Western Alternative Overlay on satellite map of Caboolture West area, showing different zones and other markup.

A new regional city the size of Caboolture West requires significant infrastructure, with plans underway for a new highway. Currently referred to as the Bruce Highway Western Alternative, the official planned route has been partially confirmed. 

Corridor planning and protection is complete for stage 1 of the highway, which will be constructed through Caboolture West, connecting from Moodlu to Moorina. Stage 2 corridor planning (Narangba) is also complete, but this process is still underway for stage 3 (Narangba to Bald Hills) and stage 4 (Beerburrum to Moodlu). Currently, there’s no known timeline for construction.

New Housing Estates for Caboolture West

Earlier this year, the Moreton Bay Council officially approved the initial housing developments in Caboolture West by multiple developers, including:

Media releases state that these companies will develop the initial 2000 land parcels, with a mixture of 300-600 m2 blocks that will include affordable lots, turnkey homes, and house & land packages. Plus, work will soon begin on Caboolture West’s first display village at the entrance to the precinct, and reports suggest this will open to the public from mid-2025. 

From October 2023, the developers are expected to begin work on new infrastructure, including roads, intersections, and water/sewerage connections. Plus, they’re beginning work on land subdivision, with the first batch of registered blocks anticipated to hit the market in late 2023 for a completion date of October 2024 (or sooner).

Caboolture West Timeline and What’s Next for Caboolture West

Understandably, stakeholders are keen to progress the Caboolture West Development quickly, with the state in desperate need of new construction to help address the housing crisis. Especially with the Moreton Bay Region experiencing a population boom.

At the moment, it’s mostly just planning and approvals underway. But here are some of the construction estimates that have been publicly announced (so far):

  • March 2023 – The Queensland government approved the Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan and Amendment Regulation  
  • April 2023 – Caboolture West’s city name officially announced as ‘Waraba’, along with the four additional suburb names
  • June 2023 – Stockland’s initial housing estates approved by council
  • August 2023 – Additional four housing estates approved by council
  • October 2023 – Construction beginning on initial water and sewer infrastructure and new roads
  • Late 2023 – Construction beginning on new state primary school for Waraba
  • Late 2023 – Construction starts on Merryvale in Lilywood Landings, including stage 1a (display village), with stage 1b soon to follow
  • January 2024 – Construction starts on the new petrol station at 409-423 Caboolture River Road, expected to open in October 2024
  • Early 2024 – To prepare for new pipelines, Unity Water will begin trenching and drilling along existing roads, including Caboolture River Road and Walkers Road, to meet up with the existing wastewater network at Peterson Road
  • Late 2024 – Merryvale Stages 2-4 expected to be available on the market, with first residents expected to move in from early 2025
  • January 2025 – First primary school in Waraba expected to open
  • 2026 – Construction begins on council’s Caboolture River Road Duplication (Grant Road to Morayfield Road)
  • ~2026 – Construction to begin on a new Coles supermarket and shopping centre at 483 Caboolture River Road 

Of course, there are a number of other developments still to come that aren’t yet on the timeline. 

For instance, there’s parks, internal stormwater infrastructure, Caboolture River Road duplication, Walkers Road & Grant Road upgrades, and other items to be delivered as per the infrastructure agreement. There’s also no information yet available on when we can expect construction of the new Bruce Highway Western Alternative to begin. And of course, we can expect many more land releases throughout the 40-year development timeline.

We’re Ready With Local, Sustainable Landscaping Products

As all the excitement unfolds in Caboolture West or Waraba over the coming months, years, and (realistically!) decades, we’ll be ready to play a role in the development. 

If you’re a builder, developer, landscaper, or plumber and are looking to partner with a company like ours for your projects in Caboolture West… we’d love to hear from you! We’ve got sustainable, recycled concrete aggregates suitable for hard stand, under slab, landscaping, plumbing, and much more. And we’re ready to accept clean concrete waste from any demolitions or wet pours.

We’re just a short trip down the back roads or Bruce Highway (171-177 Potassium Street, Narangba). Reach out to our team if you’d like to chat about what we can do together! 


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