Our Promise: 99.9% Recycle Rate

Moreton Bay Recycling truck parked in front of a large pile of recycled concrete aggregates.

It’s time to make it official…

Moreton Bay Recycling have committed to recycle 99.9% of incoming waste!

We’re really proud of our recycle rate and how we maximise concrete recovery for our region. We want to share a bit about how we came up with these numbers, how we plan to stick to our commitment, and why it’s so important for our customers.

How We Got to 99.9%

We didn’t just pull this number out of thin air. After looking at the data, we found that every month, we average:

  • 6048 tonnes of incoming concrete waste
  • Two tonnes of general waste leaving the yard
  • 99.97% of incoming waste recycled

In fact, for every month in 2022 so far, we’ve managed to exceed the 99.9% recycle rate target!

Why Now?

Concrete coming off the crusher and going into the screener.

Looking back, we’ve been hitting this target for a while now thanks to the processes we have in place here.

But like many other businesses, we’re pretty busy with the day-to-day jobs, so until recently, we hadn’t sat down and ran the numbers. We knew our recycling rate was high (because we see how much waste comes in and how much goes out), but didn’t know the exact figures.

Now that we know we consistently hit 99.9% of incoming waste recycled, it’s time to back our dedication to concrete recovery and sustainability with a real commitment in writing!

How We Plan to Stick to Our Commitment

Achieving 99.9% recycle rate is only possible with the right processes, equipment, and dedication from both our team and customers. Here’s some of what we’re already doing (and will continue to do):

  • Clean concrete waste – We only accept clean concrete waste, which helps to reduce the amount of unusable waste coming into the yard
  • Efficient processing – Our crushing equipment breaks the concrete waste into smaller pieces and grades it by size, allowing us to produce our quality range of recycled concrete products
  • Steel extraction – We’ve invested in two magnetic conveyor belts that extract steel from concrete, allowing us to recycle around 500 tonnes of steel per year
  • Education – We’re always telling our community about what waste is considered clean and acceptable (and what they need to avoid)
  • Monitoring – We recently introduced cameras to help monitor the waste coming into the yard to ensure it meets our requirements

We’ve exceeded our goal every month in 2022 and moving forward, we are committed to taking every practical step we can to recycle as much concrete waste as possible.

Why Our Recycle Rate Matters to Customers

Concrete trucks approaching the rubble pile for dumping leftover concrete.

When customers drop off waste for recycling, they should be confident that the waste is going to end up where it should. Some of our customers have their own sustainability targets to meet, and Moreton Bay Recycling plays an important role in supporting this.

By choosing Moreton Bay Recycling, you can rest assured that your concrete waste is going to:

  • Be recycled into useful products
  • Stay out of landfill for longer
  • Help reduce demand for quarry products

Why It’s Important for Government Groups

In 2018, Queensland recycled just 50.9% of construction and demolition waste, and is targeting 75% of C&D waste recycled by 2025.

Check out more stats like this in our blog on recycled concrete facts and stats.

Because concrete waste is relatively easy to recycle (compared to other construction and demolition waste), we have a responsibility to recycle as much of it as possible. If nearly all concrete waste was recycled, we’d make significant progress towards the 75% goal (and future goals, too).

Why It Matters for the Environment

Recycled concrete products in the yard at Moreton Bay Recycling, with trees and blue sky in the background.

Because we recycle nearly everything that comes into our yard, we estimate that we save more than 70K tonnes of concrete waste (and steel) from landfill every year.

Plus, with more recycled concrete products available to local businesses, construction projects in the area need less granite and other gravels mined from the ground.

Based on our averages, we estimate that Moreton Bay Recycling helps to preserve nearly 150K tonnes of natural resources per year, while reducing associated transport, noise, carbon emissions, and air pollution.

Why It Matters for Our Team

At Moreton Bay Recycling, our key measure of success is that we’re recycling at least 99.9% of incoming waste.

If we find ourselves falling short of the target, it’ll be an indicator that something has changed and that we need to investigate further. Our team will use this to review our processes and policies and make the changes we need to get back on track.

If we’re producing 0.1% residual waste or less, we know that our processes are working.

Set Your Own Environmental KPIs

We’d love to inspire or challenge some of our own customers to consider how they can incorporate environmental targets into their own measures of success! For example, you could…

  • Use a certain percentage of renewable sources to power your office
  • Only water gardens with rainwater or recycled water
  • Use recycled/sustainable products where available
  • Use easily recycled products where available
  • Ensure that a certain percentage of waste goes to a recycling facility (that you know will recycle as much of it as they possibly can)

Let us know if we inspire you to set a KPI or target — or if Moreton Bay Recycling plays a role in helping you achieve your recycling or sustainability goals.

Got Concrete Waste? Leave It With Us.

Large pile of concrete rubble, ready for recycling.

Need concrete disposal in Brisbane? If you’ve got clean concrete waste, drop it with us — we’ll take care of it in the most environmentally responsible way we can.

And if you need sustainable gravel, drainage rock, and roadbase alternatives, you’ll find it all right here.

We’re just 5 minutes off the highway at Narangba. Or call (07) 3293 4949 to organise delivery, straight to your location.

See you soon,

– Rory Crundall, Managing Director

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